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6th Grade Page

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LANDFORMS (Quarter 1)






Ebook for Landforms Science Stories


Aerial Landforms JigSaw Puzzle


Landforms Topographer Multimedia Link


Landforms Links for Students to Explore


Landform Detectives interactive scenarios:





To access the online textbook, log into StudentNet by logging in in at philasd.org. 

Select online textbooks and scroll down to 8th grade. Then click on the picture of the red book labeled "Inside the Restless Earth"

Geologic Time Scale Lab



Geologist's Notebook: What Exactly Are Minerals & Earth Science : Rocks & Minerals Video Questions

Minerals of the Earth's Crust Chapter 1 Quizlet

Geology for KIds

Corny Geology Songs :) After listening, try to make better ones with Garageband!
Interactive Rock Formation

Rock Cycle diagram

Teacher Tube-Bill Nye Science Guy Rocks & Soil

Mineral Identifier


Mineral Gizmo

Igneous Rock Identification Online Lab

Sedimentary Rock Identification Online Lab

Holt Virtual Lab on Earth Sciences

Rock Cycle Gizmo

Quizlet Ch2 Rocks: Mineral Mixtures

Inside The Earth DRA.pdf

Gizmo- Building Pangea Username:omega1s775 Password:dog657

Pangaea-Adaptive Curriculum Activity Sheet

Holt Virtual Lab on Plate Tectonics

ILTEST 7th Grade Science Sample Questions (60)


Indiana University Plate Movement Webquest

ProProfs Quiz on Chapter 4: Plate Tectonics

PBS Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker

Chapter 4: Plate Tectonics Quizlet Flashcards

Holt Virtual Lab on Earthquakes

USGS Earthquakes for Kids

Earthquakes Gizmo

Holt Virtual Lab - Volcanoes

Interactive Earthquake & Volcano Map (Live)

Channel 1 News Volcano Maker

Melt Your Own Rock

Discovery Kids - Volcano Explorer

360 Degree Interactive Volcano Flyover



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