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Science Fair Projects Selected for 2015-2016 in 7th and 8th Grade

Page history last edited by Scott Knoflicek 7 years ago

Behavior/Social Science (BSS)  Room 319

Judges: Ms Hantman and Mr. Knoflicek


1) Isabella Ortiz- The Effects of Fear

2) Rosh Hashana Velos - Do the Eyes Have It?

3) Linyae Johnson - Composite vs. Average

4) Cindy Lin - Detect a Lie

5) Raye Delos-Reyes- Mixing Light to Make Colors

6) Kelly Zammuto- Sweet or Macho? The study of Gender Stereotypes in Children

7) Sherly Wang - It's Written All Over Your Face: The Science of Facial Expressions

8) Omar Charles - Movie Music

9) Isaiah Smith - Reaction Time

10) Nia Sanders-Rasul - How Many Numbers Can You Remember?

11) Ada Mac - Does Impulsive Buying Really Work>

12) Aidan VanRoyen- Deciphering Sound

13) Nina Gao - Mismatched Words

14) Wenwei Lu - Mnemonics, Better or Not.

15) Audrey Wu - That is a Real Smile or Fake

16) Ashley Evans - Gender Bias

17) Skyleah Brown -

18) Jonathan Zou -


Biochemistry (BC) Room 320

Judge: Ms. Merlini and Ms. Iesue


1) Joey Chan - Fun Fruit DNA Extraction

2) Kelly Deng - Which Fruits can Ruin Your Gelatin Dessert?

3) Andrew Yang - Glow in the Dark*

4) Leeon Robinson - DNA of Strawberries*

5) Clear Chim -  - DNA of Strawberries*

6) Traqoy Sommerville  - DNA of Strawberries*

7) Ben Chem  - DNA of Strawberries*

8) Marah Francis-Altorre  - DNA of Strawberries*



Botany (B) Room 320

Judge: Ms. Merlini and Ms. Iesue


1) Xingyu Jiang - Seeds of Different Fruits

2) Sade Redden - Growing Sweet Potato Slips

3) Sophia Lezcano - Can Aloe Juice Save Your Berries from Mold

4) Cheyenne Massey - How many seeds do Different Types of Fruits Produce

5) Christy You - Can Plants Grow in Greywater

6) Synkyia Gaskins - Cappilary Action


Chemistry (C) Room 321

Judge: Ms. Duggan and Mr. Andrews


1) Xiangyi Li- Salt Sugar or Sand

2) Joanna Huang- How Much Baking Powder do Quick Breads Need?

3) Benny Liu- Which Fruits Can Ruin Your Gelatin Dessert?

4) Sandy Zhu- Which Temperature Effects Crystal Growth the Most

5) Simone Oliver-Johnson- Making Maple Syrup Candy

6) Aniyah Marshall- How to Make the Boldest Tie-Dye*

7) Jerry Huang- How can Tofu Pack Such a Powerful Punch?*

8) Fanny Zheng- Candy Colors, Containing Food Colorings.

9) Rujia Zhang - Reverse Spherification

10) Shaowen Poon - Is Black Ink Really Black?

11) Aliciana Ogburn-Noreiga - Bubbles

12) Rianne Delos-Reyes - Coke and Mentos: The Explosive Reaction

13) Michael Mei - How to Make the Best Cookie

14) Darren Zheng - How Salty Does the Sea Need to Be to Float an Egg *

15) Alyssa Oflynn - How Does Packaging Effect Fruit?

16) Vicki Yuen - Temperature of Butter

17) Devon Liu - How Can Salinity Be Measured?

18) Noor Shabazz - What Makes Ice Melt the Fastest?

19) Lexa Horsey-Williams - Why do You Boil?

20) Ella Travis - Spherification: juice Balls all Around

21) Alexis Grigsby - Make Your Own Marshmellows



24) Brian Wang - Which Liquid can Erode a Geode Quicker, water or Vinegar?

25) Nina Feinberg - Chemistry of the Cold

26) Xingyi Wang - Bubbleology

27) Joyce Liu - Which Fruit Can Ruin Your Jello Desert


Computer Science  (CMS) Room 320

Judge: Ms. Merlini and Ms. Iesue


1) Deante Pollard- Your Computer: Tortoise or Hare?

2) Kyle Leong - N3RDS Work

3) Nick Wu - The Making of a Video Game

4) Joe Ni- The Blind Can Play Too

5) Elaina McCarthur -

6) Pelissier Louis

7) Sunny Liu


Earth Space Science (ESS) Room 322

Judge: Mr. Oliver and Ms. McCann


1)  Summit Li-How Salty Does the Sea have to be to for an Egg to float?

2)  Wenjie Gao - Weather and Climate in Your Neighborhood

3) Wyman Li - How Does a Wind Meter Work?

4) Qing Wu - Can Water Float on Water

5) Tiffany Mei - Reasons for the Seasons.

6) Kareena Kamdar- How Old is the Universe?

7) Tamiah Daprile - The Science Behind Tsunamis.

8) Kiki Liu - What Effects the Wave to Travel so Fast

9) Shihua Peng - Landslides

10) Cadeem Smith - Wind Meter

11) Lilith Marchetti It's Crystal Clear: How Temperature Affects Crystal Growth

12) Quinayah Gross-Gregory


Engineering (E) Room 322

Judge: Mr. Oliver and Ms. McCann


1) Suhaib Elbakhadaoui - Knockdown Water Bottles

2) Justin Davilla - Squishy Circuits Project 1: Light Up Your Play Dough!

3) Thomas Cabella - How well do different materials create electricity.

4) Gabe Brown - A True Ghost

5) Jia Yao Chen - Fill in Robot

6) Andrew Li- Racing Robots: Who will Win?

7) Nathan Trinh- Extreme Protection

8) Remy Milroy - Human-Powered Flashlights

9) Weijie Wei - Gauss Rifle

10) Tina Yang - Craft a Geodesic Dome

11) Tony Gao - Collapsing Bridge

12) Jacky Chen - To Infinity and Beyond

13) Clara Shao - Dome Formation

14) Jahyrah Joesephs -

15) Jose Lemus-Ramos -  

16) Sahirah Irick -


Environmental Science (ES) Room 323

Judge: Mr. Falco and Ms. Asto


1) Kelly Huang- How Can Filters Clean Water 1&2

2) Kiara Randall - Is the Air as Clean as we Thought?

3) Sabrina Hanning - Air Particles and Air Quality

4) Xzabier Burke - Millions of Monsters Under Your Feet?

5) Yuxin Chen - Erosion on the Hill

6) Tristan Travis - I'm Trying to Breathe Here! Dissolved Oxygen vs. Temperature

7) Matthew Becker - Greywater Recycling : Can Plants Tolerate It?

8) Simon Liu- How does Soil affect the PH of water?

9) Lailani Batista- Does a Sponge Really Do Its Job

10) Xi Lin - M & M Survival Challenge

11) Cooper Harbol - From Gas to Rust

12) Leah Savage

13) Tony Zhang - Polar Question

14) Alex Ogburn - Air Particles

15) Jackson Lokoff

16) Min & Jinhong - Use the Suns Energy to Heat Your Own Water.

17) Ivan Mak


Mathematics (MM) Room 323

Judge: Mr. Falco and Ms. Asto


1) Doaxi Lin- M&M Maht

2) Andrew Simms- AutoImmune Disease

3) Ivan Zeng - What's the Fastest Way to Solve Rubik's Cube?

4) Sandy Li - Passwords - Who Uses it Better?

5) Queenie Wu - Boys vs. Girls Memorization

6) Qiang Zeng - Dividing the Picture

7) Xiang Liu - Basketball: Will You Bank the Shot?


Medicine/Health (MH) Room 324

Judge: Mr. Brown and Ms. Greenberg


1) Hui Lin- The Greasiness of Different Kinds of Potato Chips

2) Sarah Louis - Feeling Dizzy

3) Erika Savage -  The Nose Knows Smell but How About Taste?

4) Keira Lyons - The Nose Knows but How about Taste?

5) Rakiyyah Hasan - How to Mummify a Hotdog

6) Stephen Piner - Stimulated: Who Reacts Faster Gamers or Noobs?

7) Khala Hardy -Sugar Measuring Glucose in Your Food

8) Joyce Chen - Discover the Magic Behind your Eye

9) Semaj Hall - Do You Love the Taste of Food?

10) Alexander Crosby


Microbiology (M) Room 324

Judge: Mr. Brown and Ms. Greenberg


1) Alexis Lin - Food Wrapping Affects Spoilage

2) Grace Ho - Spoilage After Packaging

3) Lucia Layden - Extracting Onion DNA

4) Alyssa Stewart - Pedigree Analysis: A Family Tree of Traits

5) Andrew Yang - Yeast Reproduction in Sugar Substitues*

6) Ziyi Zhao - Yogurt Culture

7) Amar Dhanjal - Discover DNA

8) Emily Maiorano - Yeast Metabolism: With or without Aeration?

9) Lily Kleshchick - How to Determine Blood Type?


Physics I (P) Room 325

Judge: Ms Stuart and Ms. Martin-Burke


1) Presley Brown- Repel and Attract

2) Wenjie Chen- Balloon-Powered Car Challenge

3) Joy Wong- How Can Microwaves Be used to Measure the speed of light?

4) Jialin Huang - The Science Behind Photography

5) Kevin Lin - Airplane Winglets

6) Michelle Mei - Centripetal Force

7) Nia Johnson - Candy Waterfall

8) Jie Gao - Nothing but Net

9)  Luxin Xue- What's the Fastest Way to Cool a Soda?

10) Kevin Chen - Landslides: What Causes Rock to Slide Down a Slope

11) Odilia Kirshenbaum - Slinking Slinkies

12) Amaya Yarborough - Singing Wine Glasses

13) Xianjun Hu and Junming Yan- How much weight can your boat float?

14) Anache Shivers - Power Move: Manipulating Magnets to Improve Generator Output

15) Kaya Trefz - Distance on Sound Can you Hear Me.

16) Louis Dong - At What Diameter Does an Aluminum Boat Sink?

17) Alex Sepe - Floating a Ring Magnet

18) Jayson Wang - Effect of Friction in Actions

19) Michael Ranoia - Look up in the air a Ping Pong Projectile.

20) Alonso Lai - Magic Milk

21) Joseph Zammuto - To Float or Not to Float

22) Jason Liu - How Much Weight Can Your Boat Float?

23) Jeremiah Louis-Pierre


Physics II (P) Room 327

Judge: Ms Bottaro and Mr. Orlowski


24) Michelle Zeng - Candle Paradise x

25) Annie Lo - Can Salt Water Avoid Freezing Below 0 C. x


27) Annie Lin & Frank Yang - Balloon Powered Cars x


29) Daniel Liu - Racing Marbles to Find a Liquid's Viscosity x

30) Martina Zhang & Xinhui Xu - How Do Primary Colors Combine x

31) Xinyi Wang, Jose Ramus, Jie Zhang, Jonathan Zou----Bubble-Ology x

32) Xianjun & Junming - How Much Weight Can Your Boat Float? x

33) Lucas Basualdo - Balloon Powered Car x

34) Jinhong Lin

35) Yinglin Huang - Fastest Way to Cool a Soda x

36) Steven Wu - Field Goal Kicks x

37) Lamont Watters

38) Andre Charpentier - How Magnets Affect Loudness in Speakers x

39) Haowei Liu, Chen Zhou, Andrew Lin, Yucong Li, Yamin Aquel ---- Balloon Powered Car x


Zoology (Z) Room 327

Judge: Ms Bottaro and Mr. Orlowski


1) Winnie Gao - X-inactivation on the Phenotype of Cats x

2) Maryann Abraham - Genetic Fingerprints x

3) Elspeth Carter - The Cats Meow x

4) Jalyn Hill - Does Blubber Keep Sea Animals Warm x

5) Pheobe You- The Award for Favorite Flavor Goes to… x

6) Marcus Hack x


Consumer Science (only 10 projects) (CS) Room 327

Judge: Ms Bottaro and Mr. Orlowski


1) Sikai Zheng- Electrolyte Challenge: Orange Juice vs. Sports Drinks x


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