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Science Fair Projects Selected for 2016=2017 in 7th and 8th Grade

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Behavior/Social Science (BSS)  Room 319

1) Kelly Zammuto - Dogs Coloring Effect Fear?

2) Lucia Layden - Yummy or Dummy - (Self Designed)

3) Jahray Josephs - Drawing vs Time and Drawing w and w/o Music (self designed)

4) Yuxin Chen - Do You Hear What You See 

5) Sandy Li - Multitasking: Brain Drain or Boost in Efficiency?

6) Kiyana Masoumian - Memory Mnemonics

7) Joyce Liu - Now You See it, Now You Don't: A Chromatic Adaptation Project

8) Annie Lo - It's Written All Over Your Face: The Science of Facial Expressions.

9) Isabella Ortiz - Racial and or Sex Bias in Professions - Young vs. Old

10) Remy Milroy - Testing the Accuracy of Eyewitness Testimony.

11) Martina Zhang - Testing Dream Recall

12) Phoebe You - Memorization, Which Physical Activity Helps the Most?



Biochemistry (BC) Room 320

1) Nina Gao - Gel Well: Which Additives Make the Strongest Gelatin?

2) Tiffany Mei - Big Pieces or Small Pieces: Which React Faster?

3) Sarah Peng - Abracadabra! Transforming Yogurt into "Ravioli"

4) Jingjing Chen - Can Aloe Juice Save Your Berries from Mold?

5) Fanny Zheng - Shaking for Butter

6) Tamiah Daprile- Scintillating Scents: The Science of Making Perfume

7) Jiayao Chen - Have Your Chips Lost Their Chomp







Botany (B) Room 320

1) Ella Travis - Growing, Growing Gone! An Experiment on Nitrogen Fertilizers.

2) Kiara Randall - Aquaponics vs Using Soil (As adapted from Hydroponics: Gardening without Soil)

3) Sherly Wang - The Effect of Caffeine on Plant Growth

4) Brian Wang - Sprouting Sweet Potatoes Slips










Chemistry (C) Room 321

1) Kelly Huang - Cold Pack Chemistry: Where Does the Heat Go?

2) Benny Liu - Make Your Own pH Paper

3) Summit Li - How Much Detergent is Needed to Allow Oil and Water to Mix? (Self Designed)

4) Xiangyi Li - Candy Chromatography: What Makes Those Colors?  

5) Destin Smith - Crazy Crystal Creations

6) Skyleah Brown - Shaking for Suds

7) Wenwei Lu - What Makes Ice Melt Fastest

8) Jayson Wang - Plop, Plop, Fizz Fast: The Effect of Temperature on Reaction Time

9) Kevin Chen - How Greasy Are Your Potato Chips?

10) Xi Lin - Great Globs of Gluten! Which Wheat Flour Has the Most?

11) Presley Brown -Egg Substitutes: Can they mimic the binding, leavening, or thickening properties of eggs?

12) Xinhui Xu - Do Rei Me with Straws

13) Ashley Evans - Bath Bom Science

14) Semaj Hall - How to Make the "Best" Cookie




Computer Science  (CMS) Room 320

1) Makel Finch - Sweating the Score: Can Video Games Be a Form of Exercise?

2) Yingling Huang - What Materials Can Block a WiFi Signal?

3) Joseph Zammuto - Hit Boxes: How Size Affects Score

4) Daniel Lu - How Fast is Your Computer.

5) Ishtar El - Do People Prefer Virtual Reality Headsets over 2D Pictures?


7) Alyssa O'flynn - Do Males and Females Play the Same Types of Video Games.






Earth Space Science (ESS) Room 322

1) Cooper Harbol - When Science is Sweet: Growing Rock Candy Crystals

2) Tina Yang - Rock Candy: Does the Brand of Sugar Used Have a Direct Correlation to the Growth of the Rock Candy?

3) Andrew Xu - Landslides: What Causes Rocks to Slide Down A Slope?

4) Andre Charpentier - Watching Nuclear Particles: See Background Radiation Zoom Through a Cloud Chamber

5) Simon Lin - I See a full moon rising...and shrinking....or do I?

6) Tony Zhang - Can Plants Stop Soil Erosion

7) Lilith Marchetti - Finding the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy Using Globular Star Clusters

8) Noor Shabazz - THe Moon and Tides






Engineering (E) Room 322

1) Kevin Lin - Keeping You in Suspen(sion)!

2) Tony Gao - Gravity-powered Vending Machine: Is It Possible?

3) Marcus Hack - Build a Raft Powered by Surface Tension.

4) Yucong Li - Dome Sweet Dome

5) Junhao Zhao - Marble Machine

6) Sunny Liu - Fallen Arches: The Surprising Strength of Eggshells

7) Synkyia Gaskins - Now You're Cooking! Building a Simple Solar Oven.

8) Jackson Lokoff - Crash! Can Cell Phones Survive a Drop Test?

9) Michelle Zeng - Strength in Numbers

10) Cadeem Smith - Balloon Powered Car

11) Louis Dong - Building a MouseTrap Car that ______

12) Nick Wu - The Power of Heat is Under Your Feet

13) Michael Ranoia - How Much Weight Can Your Boat Float?




Environmental Science (ES) Room 323

1) Matthew Becker - Environmental Cleaning Supplies - Effective? (Self Designed)

2) Ada Mac - Learn How to Disinfect Contaminated Water

3) Emily Maiorano - How Does the pH level of Water Change Based on the Amount of Fertilizer Added to the Soil?

4) Isis Toledo - From Contaminated to Clean: How Filtering Can Clean Water.

5) Lucas Basualdo - Make the Wind Work for You

6) Sikai Zheng - Potato Battery: How to Turn Produce into Veggie Power!

7) Alex Sepe - Can Water (Ocean Water) Float on Water

8) Clara Shao - Wild Winds: Detecting Turbulence Around Structures 

9) Vicki Yuen - Are There Dangerous Levels of Lead in Local Soil?

10) Kareena Kamdar - Balloon Morphing: How Gases Contract and Expand




Mathematics (MM) Room 323

1) Jason Liu - Tiling with Spidrons

2) Sabrina Hanning - Dice Probability












Medicine/Health (MH) Room 324

1) Joyce Chen - Can Your Body Temperature Tell the Time of Day? Find Out with Human Circadian Cycles.

2) Jacky Chen - Which Fruit Has the Most Vitamin C?

3) Steven Wu - Think Fast!

4) Alonso Lai - Do You Hear What You See?

5) Eyrin Osborne - Pinocchio's Arm: A Lie Detector Test 

6) Ivan Mak - Crossed Up: Does Crossed Hand?Eye Dominance Affect Basketball Shooting Percentage?

7) Qing Wu - Now You See It, Now You Don't! Test Your Peripheral Vision.

8) Cheyenne Massey - Blood Sugar Balancing Act

9) Chen Zhou - The Nose Knows Smell.

10) Devon Liu - Heart Health: How Does Heart Rate Change with Exercise?

11) Frank Yang - Are You Left or Right Sided?




Microbiology (M) Room 324

1) Tristan Travis - Tiny Titans: Can Silver Nanoparticles Neutralize E. coli Bacteria?

2) Grace Ho - Yeast Metabolism with Various Starches

3) Daoxi Lin - Spread the Soap Not the Germ

4) Michael Mei - Yeasty Beasties

5) Stephen Piner - Cannon Fungus









Physics I (P) Room 325

1) Sandy Zhu - Guitar Physics Temperature? (Self Designed)

2) Ivan Zeng - Bouncing Basketballs: How Much Energy Does Dribbling Take?

3) Joe Ni - Does Material Type Influence Static Electricity?

4) Kyle Leong - Sipping Sound Waves

5) Rianne Delo-Reyes - Race Your Marbles to Discover a Liquid's Viscosity

6) Jahray Josephs - Under Pressure: Ball Bouncing Dynamics

7) Queenie Wu - Kaleidoscope Science

8) Taylor Hicks - What is the Fastest Way to Cool a Soda?

9) Quinayah Gross-Gregory Keep Your Candy Cool with the Power of Evaporation.

10) Leah Savage - Nothing But Net: The Science of Shooting Hoops

11) Kevin Lu - How Does the Strength of a Magnet Vary with Temperature

12) Aron Guo Zhen - How Salty Does the Sea Need to Be to Float an Egg?

13) Andrew Lin & Jackie Tang - Rocking the Boat

14) Andrew Li - What Makes Ice Melt Fastest?




Zoology (Z) Room 327


2) Christy You - Guinea Pig Music

3) Margaret Stewart - Tricks for Treats: How Long Does it Take to Train Your Cat?

4) Lily Kleschick - Dog Smarts: What's Going on Behind those Puppy Dog Eyes.

6) Haowei Liu - How Does a Chick Breathe Inside Its Shell?

7) Audrey Wu - Pet Poll: A Taste Test for Fluffy & Fido

8) Joanna Huang - Dog Toys: What Makes One a Favorite or a Flop to Fido?

9) Lailani Batista - How does the container Affect Bird Seed Consumption





Consumer Science  (CS) Room 327

1) Khala Hardy- From Sauce to Solid: The Science of Cranberry Condiment

2) Aidan VanRoyen - Best Alphabet system for the blind ELIA vs Braille?










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