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Difference Between An Element,Compound and Mixture

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Difference Between An Element, Compound and Mixture: 


The difference between an element and a compound is that an element is made up of itself while a compound is composed of two or more elements. The difference between a compound and a mixture is that a compound is a combination which is bonded chemically while a mixture is a combination that isn't bonded chemically. 

An element is a pure substance that is by itself. Here is the periodic table below...

A compound is made up of two or more of the elements on the periodic table. 

Take water for an example. Water is made up of two Hydrogen and one Oxygen.

Sort of looks like the classic cartoon, Mickey Mouse huh?
Anyway, water is a compound because it is made up of two elements. Hydrogen and oxygen.

Because compounds are chemically combined it means that to separate a compound you need to undergo a chemical change. 

A mixture is a combination that isn't chemically combined. It is sort of similar to a compound because they are both combinations but compounds are chemically combined while a mixture is not. 

An example of a mixture: Pizza! 

Pizza is a mixture because it is a combination of ingredients and toppings but they aren't chemically combined. 

You can easily separate the topping by undergoing a physical change like picking them out. 


Elements are pure substances that can;t be broken down into simpler substances.There are many elements in the world, all examples, shown above.Some elements are found in nature and some are created.


Compound is a pure substance that's made of 2 or more elements combined, the particles can, in a compound, can be separated by chemical changes such as heating.


Mixture is a combination of two or more substances that are not chemically combined and mixtures can be separated through physical changes.


Example of element


Example of compouds

 table salt(sodium and chlorine) 

vinegar( hydrogen,carbon and oxygen)

Example of mixtures:


if you don;t like the blue m&ms,then you can use a simple physical change and take them out.

salad is also a mixture because they are not chemically combined





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