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What kind of Elements are there

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The Periodic Table of Elements

Everything you see around you is made of tiny particles called atoms. There are many different types of atoms, each with a special combination of protons, neutrons and electrons. These different types of atoms are called elements.


Elements in our galaxyParts per million
by mass
Hydrogen 739,000
Helium 240,000
Oxygen 10,400
Carbon 4,600
Neon 1,340
Iron 1,090
Nitrogen 960
Silicon 650
Magnesium 580
Sulfur 440
Potassium 210
Nickel 100


A Cool way to remember some elements:

For all the Hims and Hers

Little Betty Bright Child Nurses Our Friends Neatly. Nasty Maggy Always Sings Pop Songs Clearly Around Kirsty Carol.


It is like Please excuse my dear aunt sally (PEMDAS) for the first 20 elements.


H : Hydrogen
He : Helium
Li : Lithium
Be : Beryllium
B : Boron
C : Carbon
N : Nitrogen
O : Oxygen
F : Fluorine
Ne : Neon
Na : Sodium
Mg : Magnesium
Al : Aluminium / Aluminum
Si : Silicon
P : Phosphorous
S : Sulfur
Cl : Chlorine
Ar : Argon
K : Potassium
Ca : Calcium


Or Just stick with the whole table:




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