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Mixtures vs Compounds

Page history last edited by Lena Keys 8 years, 7 months ago

     Mixtures and Compounds are different. Let me show you how.


Mixtures  Compounds 
Don't have chemical formulas  Have Chemical formulas 
Do not have definite densities  Do have definite densities 
Do not have definite melting points  Have definite melting points 
Are not pure substances  Are pure substances 
Molecules are not chemically combined Molecules are chemically combined
Are separated by physical changes Are separated by chemical reactions


     Mixtures and Compounds are not always different, they do have similarities. For example they both are made of other substances. 



      There are many types of mixtures. For example solutions and suspensions. Also known as Homogeneous and Heterogeneous. These are examples of homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures. 



     Compounds are pure substances. They can be broken down,but only by chemical means. They are composed of different elements. Each compound has a set of physical properties such as melting points, density and color. Some compounds have definite boiling points but, not all of them do. 

Here is an example of a compound that is made up of many different elements and has it's own set of physical properties. Such as . . . it is made up of sodium, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. It has a definite melting point and density, but not a definite boiling point.

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