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8th Grade Page (redirected from 8th Grade Page (Archive pre 2017))

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8th Grade Links


ONLINE Textbooks

Online Textbooks Accessible through StudentNet (They only work when working in Firefox or Internet Explorer)


Computer Programing



Classification (Chapter 7)

CompareContrast Venn Diagram Google Drawings

Classification Images and Discussion

Classificaiton Prezi by Sarah Hanika

Maggies's Classification Links

Quizlet Domain and Kingdoms

Quizlet Domains and Kingdoms II 

Quiz Seeking Order Amidst Diversity

Classification of Living Things Poster

Holt Classification Online Lab

Kingdoms Lesson 27.pdf

Sexual Reproduction Lesson 19.pdf

Asexual Reproduction Lesson 18.pdf

Taxonomy Lesson 38.pdf



Animal Cells

Cells and Viruses Lesson 1.pdf

Animal Cells Lesson 2.pdf

Plant Cells Lesson 3.pdf

Cell Differentiation Lesson 7.pdf

Life Science Test A Lessons 1-7.pdf

Difference Between Animal Cells and Plant Cells

Label parts of the Cell with 9 question quiz

Cell Scale with Slider

Cell Structure

The Cell Song

A multitude of cell links

Web based Cell lessons & activities

Interactive Animation of plant and animal cells

Parts of a Cell - Khan Academy

http://www.khanacademy.org/video/parts-of-a-cell?playlist=Biology (PSD Blocked)

Interactive Cell Models for Animal and Plant Cells

Parts of a Cell Animation

Holt Ch1 Visual Exploration Lab

Animal Cells

CellCraft Game







Peppered Moth -Natural Selection Flash Visualization

Bunny pHet Evolution Simulation


Natural Selection

Click to Run




Natural Selection pHet Simulation.docx

Bill Nye Origins of Life Video Worksheet



Quizlet Ch5 Evolution of Living Things Review For Test


The Cell in Action


The Cell Energy Cycle Gizmo

The Cell Cycle Animation

Cellular Respiration Lesson 4.pdf

Photosynthesis Lesson 5.pdf

Cell Reproduction Lesson 6.pdf

MGH Cell Cycle Animation

Cell Division Gif

The Cell in Action Holt Virtual Lab

Brain Pop (Then Search for Control of The Cell Cycle -scroll down to games)

The Cell in Action Jeopardy

The Cell in Action Quizlet Review

Quia Cell in Action Review Quiz




Genetics Study Guide

Gregor Mendel / Heritary-Powerpoints

Genetics for Kids

Isotopes Movie/ Quiz- Brainpop

DNA Extraction

Check out this article about a real genetic abnormality that makes your skin blue.                      http://www.nclark.net/BluePeopleofTroublesomeCreek.html

DNA Virtual Lab- slideshow

Learn Genetics

DNA interactive movie




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