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7th Grade Page

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7th Grade Links


ONLINE Textbooks

Online Textbooks Accessible through StudentNet (They only work when working in Firefox or Internet Explorer


Scientific Inquiry

Steps of Scientific Inquiry Lesson 111.pdf




Ch1 Studying Space Review Quizlet

Quia Practice Test Ch1 Studying Space

Kahoot Chapter 2 Questions

Chapter 2 Quizlet




Ch3 Section 2 The Sun: Our Very Own Star Quizlet

Ch2 The Sun: Our Very Own Star Quizlet

Planetary Motion Prezi




Forces, Motion & Energy 

Newton’s laws of motionVideo Lesson -Laws of Motion

pHet Simulation - Moving Man - Velocity, Acceleration


The Moving Man

Click to Run




Measuring Motion Lab Write Up

Friction Lab Write Up

Forces Gizmo Username:omega1s775 Password:dog657

Forces Gizmo Lab Write Up

Gravitational Force Gizmo

Gravity Pitch Gizmo

Golf Range Gizmo

ProProfs Matter in Motion Quiz (34 Questions)

Rags to Riches $1,000,000 Prize - Matter in Motion

Newton's Laws of Motion Interactive 

Projectile Motion Lab

ProProfs Chapter 2 Forces and Motion Review 


Forces in Fluids


Forces in Fluids Website of Pleasant Valley MS

Pleasant Valley Review Activities for Forces in Fluids

Quizlet on Ch3 Forces in Fluids

Ch3 Jeopardy Review


Work and Machines


Quizlet Ch4

Review Chapter 4


Heat & Heat Technology


Ch6 Heat & Heat Technology Holt Virtual Lab

Quizlet Flashcards Ch 6




Sound & Light

Holt Waves Virtual Lab

Longitudinal Waves - Gizmo

Skills Practice Lab P124&125 Wave Speed, Frequency (measured in Hurts), and Wavelength


pHet Simulation for Wave on a String



pHet Simulation of Wave Interference

Light and Sound Wave SimulationPhet.doc  

Taking Waves Apart Interactive Lab

Holt Virtual Lab on Sound

Can Silence Actually Drive You Crazy?

Gizmo on Doppler Shift

Gizmo Hearing: Frequency and Volume


pHet Simulation on Fourier: Making Waves


Chapter 2: Sound Online Quiz

Chapter 2: Sound Review Questions

Interactive Tutor (Crossword Puzzle)

Tuning an Oscilloscope Virtual Lab

Internet Writing Assignment: Sound

Fling the Teacher: Sound and Light

Study Jams: Light

Basic Prism Gizmo login U: omega1s775 P: dog657

PHet Molecules and Light

Exploritorium: Color

Electromagnetic Spectrum Webquest

FreezeRay Light Simulations


UN Food Project Photo Voice Project

Families with their Food

Novi Youth Building Roots Campaign



7th Grade Archive (pre-2016)


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